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 Caelan Hunter [Complete], Healer
Caelan Hunter
 Posted: Jun 10 2016, 01:21 PM

A good laugh and a long sleep are sometimes the best cures.

Posts: 24
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Played By: Kate
Since: 7-June 16
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Caelan Hunter
Citizenship: Aerlion
Occupation: Village Healer
Player: Kate
Face Claim: Love Ansimov
Age: 21 Hair: Red
Gender: Female Eyes: Green
Height: 5’ 2’’ Build: Curvy
Weight: 125lbs Alias: N/A
Orientation: Straight

Born and raised in Hayfeld, Caelan grew up around animals and the industry surrounding them. She loved all creatures big and small, but horses held the place of honor in her heart - which would hardly surprise anyone who lived in the same city as she. As the only child her mother and father had conceived, Caelan’s childhood was like something out of a storybook. She rarely wanted for anything, was never forced to wear hand-me-down clothing, and when the opportunity for tutelage with the city’s most respected Healer came around, Caelan’s parents were only too happy to accept it.

It wasn’t until Caelan reached puberty that they understood why the offer had come from the city’s Healer. Caelan herself possessed a rather powerful Healing Gift. In retrospect, her parents said they should have known from the start that their child was Gifted in this way. Caelan had always been kind, nurturing, and gentle to every creature smaller than herself. From a very young age, she had taken to nursing wounded animals back to health, from the littlest sparrow’s hatchling, to the most fierce wild animals. She never had any fear of their causing her harm, and the animals, for their part, seemed to understand that SHE wasn’t a threat, either.

Somehow, the Healer had known that Caelan’s abilities would manifest thus, and had taken her on at the age of ten. Therefore, by the time Caelan first bled at the age of twelve, she had already received two years of training in herbcraft and any medical skills that did not require the use of a Gift. And when the Argents came to Hayfeld in search of Gifted children to take to the monastery, the Healer proudly informed them that SHE would be taking care of Caelan’s education, thankyouverymuch, and that they were not permitted to whisk the child away to the Monastery for training.

Fast forward almost a full decade, and now Caelan is the primary Healer for the city of Hayfeld, with her former mentor serving as the assistant in her old age. The elderly woman had been sending Caelan out on her own to tend to patients since Caelan had turned eighteen, stating that her tired old bones could no longer carry her across the city at all hours of the night. Now, the old woman handled the tasks that a young Caelan had: drying herbs, tending the garden outside their shared Healing shop, preparing poultices and salves, and keeping the shop clean and tidy. It was an interesting change, but Caelan was soon accustomed to the new way of things. Now, at age 21, the young woman has her Healing ‘trade’ grasped firmly in her capable hands. She tends humans as well as animals, and physical ailments as well as mental ones. But if you ask her, Caelan will probably tell you that the animals make MUCH better patients.

This post has been edited by Caelan Hunter: Jun 10 2016, 01:21 PM
 Posted: Jun 11 2016, 10:08 AM

Wait.... what?

Posts: 6
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Since: 19-May 16
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