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 Talmara Siemariays [Complete], Character Application
 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 12:54 PM


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Talmara Siemariays

Citizenship: Aerlion
Occupation: Argent
Player: Dameris
Face Claim: Sophie Turner
Age: 19 Hair Color: Red
Gender: Female Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'8" Build: Athletic
Weight: 155lbs Alias: --
Orientation: Hetero


Personality | Loyal, intelligent, kind, ambitious, eloquent, cautious, stubborn, cunning, audacious, pensive, machiavellian

Appearance | Talmara has a tall build, standing at five feet, eight inches. Her body is not necessarily slim, but lean with all the right curves and athletic muscles. She can be counted as rather pale, but sun kissed in the summer. Her eyes are silver blue, the iris covered with a ring of yellow and her nose is lightly covered with a couple of freckles that can only be seen when right up close. Her hair is naturally straight, with gentle bounces of waves. It's a fiery red with roots of ginger chestnut, as it travels far past her shoulder blades.

History | Talmara was born into a large and prestigious family called the Siemariays. They worked as high class merchants from Eastern Aerlion, passing the family business down through generations. Many were granted gifts from the angels, and were educated at the Monastery to become Argents. It was expected, by the time Talmara was beginning to emerge from a young girl into a young women, and with all of her siblings. In situations where she needed to blow off steam, she would linger in the woods that surrounded the Siemariays land off in the East. There Talmara would play with many of the woodland animals, whom she seemed to get along with quite easily. Whenever her brothers would come in and intrude the serene atmosphere, they would run and hide, and would only ever play with just Talmara. There she found her comfort zone, and her place to escape whenever she felt alone or lost.

Her elder twin brothers matched the tradition of the Siemaryias being developed faster than the normal Argent, going to the Monastery at seven years old, however Talmara didn't. Her family waited, and waited until her skills would evolve, yet eventually they gave up once she turned ten, and dismissed her as a human. Talmara felt devastated. As if she let her family down. But she never gave up, she always told herself she was just slow at developing.

Being very adventurous, and daring, Talmara was also considered quite reckless at childhood. She would do dangerous stunts and act in an unladylike manner when outside playing, yet when rooted back to reality, she tried her hardest to please her mother's wishes. Nonetheless, the girl earned many scrapes and bruises, but they would never last for longer than a day. Gradually it became stronger, and Talmara found herself being able to heal deeper wounds as her age matured. Eventually, her skills were recognised and she was the cause of joyful tears amongst her family relatives. The Monastery awaited an addition that could possibly be the greatest, or the weakest student yet, as Talmara is still in training, she pushes herself to break boundaries she never even thought of crossing.

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 Posted: Jun 28 2017, 02:03 PM

Wait.... what?

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