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 Kio Tait, Orphan
Kio Tait
 Posted: Aug 27 2016, 12:43 PM


Posts: 38
Coins: 1190
Played By: Riva
Since: 27-August 16
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Awards: None

Kio Tait
Citizenship: Aerlion
Occupation: Scamp
Player: Riva
Face Claim: Luke Pasqualino
Age: 12 Hair Color: Blackish Brown
Gender: Male Eyes: Brown
Height: 4'11" Build: Stringy
Weight: 92 lbs Alias: Key
Orientation: Bisexual


When Kio was born it was undoubtedly the best day of his mother's life, despite the circumstances that that had brought him into the world. He had been born into a arvan o fishers and entertainers that would travel along the coast from city to city to showcase their skills and bring in coin that would resupply their caravan.

When Kios mother passed away he was only five, after her death his grandmother was the one to look after him. Only a year later did a new leader take over the caravan. It had been a bad year for profits and an even worse year for hunting and fishing. Many had left the caravan throughout the year since such a large group could not be supported.

The new leader, a man named Priscoli, insisted those who remained should turn to other methods to support the troup. Kio's grandmother disagreed, but was in no condition to go against Priscoli. So it was that Kio began to learn the ways of a lowly thief. He could pickpocket, could prove as a distraction, lie, and if caught in the act could make a quick get away by nimbly climbing onto rooftops and through small spaces where others could not follow.

By the time he had turned seven his sweet and caring grandmother had passed away, for she had already been a feeble old lady when he had been born.

He was now an orphan within the caravan, looked after y those few who had remained under Prescoli's leadership. He learned many things that served to either distract a crowd or legitimately earn him coin. He could entertain a crowd as a distraction while the rest of the troupe cut their purse strings, he learned to act the part of a lost child, leading unsuspecting people straight into an ambush for their coin.

He learned to climb in all manners of seasons- up the sides of stone walls and over thatched roofs, slipping into windows left open and making off with the treasures within. Most of these skills were honed during his practices for performances- Acrobatic tricks often fetched coin for people who hadn't seen the trick before. He could perform flips, summersaults, walk a tight rope, walk on his hands, and even juggle while balancing on a large ball, though that last one he'd never quite gotten down. His best money maker, however, and undoubtedly his favorite despite the danger, Fire breathing.

Priscoli knew it would take years to perfect a performance involving Fire Breathing, so he took Kio under his wing and began teaching the boy well before his grandmother had passed away. He practiced for years with water until Priscoli decided he was ready to graduate to wine and flame. He was a natural, managing to set his hair on fire only once-- which was actually pretty lucky that it wasn't his entire body that went up in flames.

Over the years, however, Priscoli was never a kind man when it came to failure. Failing to bring in enough coin during a pocket-run often resulted on a hard clap behind the ear or a firm slap across the face. Priscoli had a temper, as most thugs do, and sometimes the smallest of squeaks could set it off if he'd had a bad day. The easiest way to set it off as Kio found, was to tell the man no.

After refusing to lure the child of a wealthy merchant away from her family to be held for ransom, Priscoli beat Kio so severely that it was only y the grace of the Angels that he survived.

He ran away at the first opportunity that provided itself, though it was months after his beating. It had been just over a year ago when he had been eleven. He has found living on his own is no easy feat, but he travels from town to town hoping to find his father, who (as far as the boy was told), had been a guard in the King's Men.

He uses all his skills to survive, finding work where he can. Ultimately he dreams of becoming a Kings Guard, like his father, but for the mean time he must earn his money any way e can. Most people assume the boy is older than he is, such in the way he looks, and Kio will use this to his advantage whenever he can.

His frame is narrow and wrought with stringy muscles that look like tightly stretched rubber bands. His eyes appear sunken when he isn't smiling and putting on a show- the boy hardly sleeps, Insomnia at it's finest. When he does sleep he is nearly impossible to wake by normal methods of shaking and shouting, and when his body finally does urge him to sleep, it normally results in the young boy crumpling into the first dark spot he comes across, sometimes mid-sentence.

 Posted: Aug 29 2016, 12:53 PM

Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.

Posts: 28
Coins: 32811855
Played By: Kate
Since: 4-May 16
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Awards: None

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