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Welcome, Potential Members!

We are Emeria, an advanced Roleplaying group for mature players. Set in a fantasy medieval environment, Emeria operates with two primary forms of supernatural abilities: Psionic, and magical. It is home to both humans and fantastical beasts, do-gooders and scheming evil villains. With two defined Kingdoms, an Order of god-touched Champions, and a whole world to be discovered, there is so much here for you to see and do -- the limit is really just your imagination!

Our story begins within the borders of two kingdoms: Geheim and Aerlion. The former, ruled by ruthless Emelia Echtheit, is a nation of craggy mountains and people just stubborn enough to carve out homes in the shadow of the unyielding rock. The latter, a kingdom ruled by the idealistic Declan Merrick, is a land of gentle, rolling hills, and soft-hearted villagers.

Just three months ago, the High King - ruler over both Aerlion and Geheim - died without leaving an heir to take his place. And while King Declan may have a claim to the throne through a distant familial link, Queen Emelia possesses both the willpower and the supplies to build an immense army.

Meanwhile, the Argents struggle to remain neutral. Their creed obliges them to help the citizens of each Kingdom without bias, but with both Monarchs pressing the Gifted individuals to use their powers to aid in the war, each Argent will have to search his or her soul and decide whom they wish to aid in this fight - if anyone at all.

Now, guided by their Councilors, and aided by assassins, knights, and spies, the two Monarchs wage war on each other from afar. Their success or failure is in YOUR hands!

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Emeria is rated 3/2/2 by the RPGRating.com system. This rating means that, in addition to less intense scenes, we also permit the use of foul language, and some kinds of graphic violence and sexual scenes. But don't worry, that doesn't mean that that's all you'll find here! Threads which surpass a PG rating will be marked as such, which will prevent any accidents. However, we do request that all of our members are at least 16 years of age before joining.


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Wondering what the Kingdoms look like, how to get to Landsmeet, or where the Monastery is hidden away? View our map and find out!





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