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 Tankevwe Family Members
 Posted: Mar 26 2017, 12:35 PM

Wait.... what?

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Since: 19-May 16
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Your Character's Name: Byrnmor Tankevwe

Adoptable Character's Type: Family members

Recommended Face Claim: Any, preferable same race but married in family members and their children may be any race.

Details About Adoptable:

Mother: Living deep within Aerlion, Tank's mother is widowed and over sees a vast estate which includes a stable of twenty horses. She is up there in age but healthy as can be expected.

Brother: I haven't said anything about his brother Icly so the details are all still open

Sister: Tank's sister is the youngest of the three children and is married to a Noblemen somewhere in Aerlion. She so far has two children, two girls.

Nieces: Two nieces, neither one has been named Icly yet. One would be around the age of 13 or so, ready to possibly come to court. Tank would tear the world apart for his nieces.

Brother-in-law: A Noblemen, that is all that has been said ICly so far.

Other Info: Tank is the oldest out of his father's three children, and his sister is the youngest. All three children were born in their homeland and migrated to Aerlion with their parents when they were very young. All three were given a new first name upon their arrival to Aerlion so it is likely that the three may call eachother by their original names they were born with. Tank and his brother both share the last name of Tankevwe, although their sister's last name was likely changed when she married.
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