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Posted by: Kate May 12 2016, 12:03 PM
New to Forum RP? Check out our FAQ:

  • Emeria is an Advanced 16+ RP.
  • New members should begin their RP here with a Starter Character.
  • With the exception of Familiars, all playable characters must be human.
  • Far Eastern practices, influences and sciences do not exist in Emeria.
  • Members, including Admin, must be polite and courteous OOCly to other members at all times.
  • Keep IC conflict separate from OOC conflict. In other words, what happens in RP stays in RP.
  • Power-gaming, meta-gaming, and god-moding are not permitted. Please try to keep your RPs fair, and if all else fails, use the Dice feature to roll for your outcomes.
  • In order to remain active, a character must have one (1) post on its account per calendar month.
  • There is no limit to the number of characters you create, however they are all required to undergo the application process, and they must all remain active.
  • Face Claims are required.
  • Face Claims must be photographs of actual human beings.
  • Samhain is the best holiday, and all the others pale in comparison.
  • We must be able to name your Face Claim, for claiming purposes.
  • Recreating characters from existing fandoms (including books, movies, tv shows, animes, etc) is not permitted.
  • Under no circumstances may a character whose Face Claim is under 18 years of age be used in any sexual scenes, or scenes surpassing a PG-13 rating.
  • Emeria operates on a 3 Strikes policy, as follows:

    Strike 1: Official Warning
    Strike 2: Temporary 7 Day Ban
    Strike 3: Permanent Ban

    Administrators may choose whether or not a warning counts as your Strike 1.
  • The Administration reserve the right to update or edit these rules without notice - though we'll try to alert you when changes happen.

Updated September 25, 2016

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