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 Riva's trackers, For tracking!
 Posted: Apr 26 2017, 01:15 PM

Wait.... what?

Posts: 6
Coins: 1105
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Since: 19-May 16
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Awards: None

======Byrnmor Tankevwe======

++++++++++On Going++++++++++



======Kio Tait======

++++++++++On Going++++++++++



======Naseem Klaas======

++++++++++On Going++++++++++


A Day at the Market w/ Declan

Naseem and a handful of Argents have come to Aerlion in search of new studs and breeding mares for their herd. While at the selling pens they cross paths with King Declan, who Naseem fondly remembers from when the King was but a Prince. Naseem receives a room at the Castle as the King won't have him spending his time in Aerlion in a damp Inn, along with a few horses to breed into his own stock. Naseem repays him by telling Declan which of the Argents that he has been accompanied with would be best fit to work at the castle.


======Rhys Abernathy======

++++++++++On Going++++++++++

Homeward Bound w/Kalia

Rhys and Kalia make a stop at the Abernathy Homestead on their way to the Bay of Palms.

Tales of the Mad Bear w/Ryia

After having came across Sabvir in the woods, Ryia returned to the Halfway Inn and Tavern. Here Rhys felt the pull of his familiar and the pair were reunited.

Oktoberfest w/ Kalia, Oisin, Merry

Kalia talks Rhys into enjoying Oktoberfest at the Halfway Tavern and Inn, where they are currently staying. While there Rhys is surprised to find his younger brother, Merry, enjoying the same festivities.


Finally Arrived w/ Kalia

Rhys and Kalia finally arrive in Landsmeet and decide to wait a few days before departure, awaiting Sabvir's return.

Trouble on the King's Road w/Kalia

While nearing Landsmeet Kalia and Rhys take a side road to avoid the crowd of the King's Road. They find themselves blocked by bandits. In the chaos Sabvir accidentally suffers an attack meant for the bandits and flees into the forest. Rhys and Kalia are forced to continue on without her as the sun begins to set.

Finally on the Road w/ Kalia

Finally off the mountain side, Kalia and Rhys set out on that journey. FINALLY.

The first steps to Adventure w/ Kalia

After gathering up supplies Rhys and Kalia set out on their journey to the Bay of Palms. They are forced to camp out on the mountain pass and endure a seasonal storm.

Summer at the Monastery w/ Kalia

Kalia returns to the Monastery and after a discussion with Rhys convinces him to embark on a journey to the Bay of Palms for some much needed outside time.

A Past Meeting w/Ryia

Rhys has returned to his family's home after graduating from the Monastery as a fully fledged Argent. While sitting in one of the courtyards he meets Ryia for the first time.


======Zaniel Pryor======

++++++++++On Going++++++++++

Testify-- Or Else w/ Emelia

Zan is in recovery at the Castle. Queen Emelia approaches him to be sure they understand one another and what is required of him for the Trial of Lord Amsel to be taken to her council.


A Meeting of Minds w/ Emelia

Zaniel, who had gone into hiding from Lord Amsel, has been located by the Queen's men. He is summoned by the Queen after Lord Amsel begs her to do so to bring his daughter's supposed lover to justice. The ride to the castle is hard on Zaniel and ultimately reopens his wound. After being Questioned by the Queen on the matter, and of Lord Amsel's mines, he passes out. The Queen has him taken to chambers for recovery and has him seen by her personal physician, who must keep Zaniel alive under threat of his own life.

You hold, I'll punch w/ Kate

Zaniel is approached by Lord Amsel's man who has been sent to collect him. He has been accused of impregnating one of Lord Amsel's daughters, to which he (rudely) states he is innocent. Things escalate and Lord Amsel's man attacks Zaniel. Soon a full out bar brawl is going on and the (assumiedly) young man beside Zaniel is pulled into it. The pair end up back to back. Zaniel receives a wound that could spell his doom. With his new 'friend' from the bar, Zaniel makes it to an Inn to hide and receives treatment from the stranger. They part ways after this, Zaniel still unsure of his bar-mate's gender.

The Copper Cup w/ Emelia

Zaniel has returned to The Copper Cup after a long day of working in Lord Amsel's mine, controlling a ruptured underground river which threatens to flood the mine entirely. Lord Amsel stands to loose quite a bit of profit. Just as he finishes his dinner, Queen Eemlia enters with her escort of Royal Guards. She has come on a diplomatic appearance. She happens to sit at a table near Zan's own and singles him out for a report on mines.

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