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Posted by: Kate Jul 26 2016, 10:49 AM

Emeria at a Glance

Feeling a little intimidated by the site's histories and other information? Here's an easy-to-digest summary of the site!


  • Argents are known all over the world as religious, beneficent Paladin-types. They are almost exclusively Psionic.
  • Argents are associated with the element of Silver.
  • Argents are trained at St. Antistia's Monastery and nowhere else.
  • Argents are recruited from Geheim and Aerlion villages at puberty and live in the Monastery until they are fully trained. Training takes anywhere from 4 - 12 years, depending upon each person's education level upon arrival.
  • Almost all Argents receive an equine Familiar during training.
  • An Argent's psionic abilities are called "Gifts".


  • Magic and Mages are deemed Anathema. They must practice their craft in secret, even if they use only white magic to Heal and help the citizens among which they live.
  • Mages are trained by mentors - older mages who have managed to evade capture and execution
  • Mages tend to choose smaller Familiars like birds, snakes, and cats since those are easier to hide. It is possible for a Mage to have a larger Familiar, however.


  • Familiars are animal companions to the humans of Emeria.
  • Familiars' lifespans match that of their human counterpart, regardless of the natural lifespan for their species.
  • Familiars are generally much more intelligent than their natural species, some can even form limited telepathic speech.
  • A house pet is not a Familiar.
  • Familiars are psychically bonded to their human partners.
  • The death of the human means the death of the Familiar.
  • The death of the Familiar does NOT mean the death of the Human.


  • Geheim is known for its mines, which produce gems and metals.
  • Queen Emelia is a hard-hearted woman who aspires to rule the entire continent as Empress
  • Castle Echtheit is carved right into the side of a mountain, with a river running under it.
  • Queen Emelia is building an army in order to take over Aerlion and the rest of the continent.


  • Aerlion is known for its horse breeders, and exports mainly agricultural goods like lumber and food.
  • King Declan is a carefree sort who does not seem to be concerned with the building tension between his kingdom and Geheim.
  • Silversteed Keep is designed to allow the country's prized horses to live within it.
  • King Declan seems more interested in his race horses than he is in building a defense against Emelia's army.


  • Orphaned children who are raised by the church are given the surname of Pryor.

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