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Posted by: Kate May 21 2016, 09:25 AM
The Year is 813 ae

A Continent in Turmoil

Geheim and Aerlion are in disorder. Or, at least, their Noble Houses are. At the ripe old age of seventy, the former High King passed away. He had outlived his wife and, regrettably, their only child - which meant that Geheim, Aerlion, and all the other Kingdoms under his rule were left without a clear leader.

Now, Emelia Echtheit, Queen of Geheim, is scheming to become High Queen - no, Empress - of the entire continent. Given that her Kingdom is chock full of the iron ore, gold and other materials she's going to need to build an army, some say there's nothing that can stand in her way. She has even begun hiring Mages as part of her army, even though the church has decreed their practices anathema and punishable by death.

But Aerlion controls most of the continent's food resources, in addition to producing world-famous horses for knights and cavalrymen alike. Its King, Declan Merrick, is a young man who is brimming with optimism, beloved by his people, and determined to live up to the name his father built for the family. There are some who say that Emelia is surely going to win this battle, but others who believe that the fight between them is evenly matched.

In the middle of all of this are the Argents. Their leader has declared them and their order to be neutral parties in this war, but Father Klaas is finding it more and more difficult to remain that way. The Gifts each Argent possesses are extremely valuable to the opposing monarchies, both for offensive purposes and in defense of each Kingdom. Father Klaas hasn't forbid any of his Argents from working with the people of Geheim and Aerlion, but he worries that allowing them to aid anyone on either side will be considered support for their causes. The thought has crossed his mind that he ought to recall all Argents to the Monastery, to wait out this war. He has a difficult decision ahead of him.

With every facet to the stone that is Emeria, more stories begin to unfold. Can the war between Kingdoms be stopped? What side will you choose?

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