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 PLOT: White Magic
 Posted: Oct 1 2016, 11:25 AM

The Kingdom of Geheim

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Coins: 28329129
Played By: Admin
Since: 23-August 16
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Awards: None

White Magic
As mages struggle to be accepted by the populace, some of them have decided to try and prove their worth to Queen Emelia by using their magic for the good of others in mining city of Erzstadt, Geheim.
Use your magic to heal, rescue, or assist citizens in need.
Required Characters Optional Characters
Mage: (Open) Mage 2: (Open)
Citizen: (Open) Citizen 2: (Open)
Additional Notes
NOTICE: This is a plot quest! Successful completion will advance the group plot!

Citizens may be NPCs played by another member, or admin.

25 coins, plus 1 point toward a badge!
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