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Posted by: Kate Aug 22 2016, 10:28 AM

Welcome to Emeria!

Emeria is a world in which two types of supernatural abilities exist: Psionic abilities and Magical abilities. They differ in that the former comes from within, and the latter requires the user to draw energy from others.

Emerians believe that the psionic abilities, called Gifts, were granted to humans by the angels. They seek out children born with them and send them to Saint Antistia's Monastery for training. A child who has undergone training at the Monastery and graduated from that institution is called an Argent.

To learn more about Argents, read:

But while psionic abilities are praised and even sought after, magic has been shunned. You see, Emerians believe that to take life force from another human being, willing or not, is evil. They believe that the energy is actually little bits of a creature's soul, which is sacred.

What's the difference between psionics and magic? You can learn more by viewing

Aside from these Gifted or Magical humans, Emeria is home to other beasts. Most of them are simple animals, who prefer to live their lives out in secrecy and safety. There are some, however, who prefer to make their homes among humans. They can become Familiars, or they can simply choose to co-exist with the Emerians in peace.

When an Emerian takes a Familiar, the two are psychically linked. The animals can communicate in a limited fashion with their bonded human, and the two become almost inseparable.

If you'd like to learn what other animals and creatures are available for interaction with Emerians, read the

When it comes to technology, Emerians have an eclectic mix of Medieval, Roman and Steam aged advances. For example, while they may not have modern plumbing, they do use aqueducts and latrines, which bring fresh water to homes in the city and carry away human waste rather than letting it fester in outhouses or pits.

They have learned to work with steel, and therefore have excellent swords, maille and plows - but have not (and will not) discover gunpowder or firearms.

To learn more about what technologies are available in Emeria, read our

And that's all you need to know to get started here! If you have questions, feel free to ask Admin in the CBox, or post your questions in the Help section.

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